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Our company has many advanced double-body furnace vacuum ion coating machines, which can process more than ten kinds of color system on the surface of stainless steel flat plate. The film layer is dense and smooth, and the color is even and durable. And can undertake a processing order of more than 1.8 meters in diameter including spherical, square, U-shaped and other complex coating requirements.

The automatic cutting line with a first-class imported from South Korea has a shearing precision of 1mm, a tolerance of ±1mm, a maximum opening length of 5m, a minimum shear thickness of 0.5mm, and a maximum shear thickness. Up to 3mm.

The company has a number of automatic multi-grinding mirror grinding machines, the surface finish reaches 8K international standard, excellent hardware facilities to ensure the stainless steel surface without orange peel, no Olympics, no haha ​​mirror, etc., we also have double-sided mirror Mature craftsmanship.

Our company has a hairline production line that can process hair plates of various specifications.

Our etching machine can produce engineering orders with various complex requirements, such as deep etching, double-sided etching, partial etching, and coated color plate surface engraving.

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