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Conventional sizes: 1000 MM * 2000 MM, 1219 MM * 2438 MM, 1219 MM * 3048 MM ,1500MM*3000MM,MAX:4500MM(customized size according to customer requirements)
Optional grades: 304, 316L, 430, 443,201
Thickness: 0.5-3.0MM
Optional plating: gold, champagne, brass, rose gold, copper, smoky grey, black, purple, bronze, brown, blue, red wine,
Product parameters:
Stainless steel and corrugated plate are also called stainless steel corrugated plate. It is made by professional equipment, and the grinding head swings irregularly up and down from left to right. Stainless steel and corrugated plate have unique visual effects. From a long-term perspective, they are circles of scrolls, while myopia is a disorderly scroll. Processed and corrugated sheets are different from ordinary sheets. The overall surface wear resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance are also higher than those of other steels. The anti-fingerprint effect of the surface is much higher than that of ordinary stainless steel.

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